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Six Sentence Sunday, 4 December 2011 (Annie Brown and the Superhero Blues)

She smiled back, a little tentatively, and said, “Hi.” She ordered her usual: bittersweet mocha with skim milk. Iced, no whipped cream. She winced in anticipation of the expectable joke about her complexion. Northtown was very white, except for the … Continue reading

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Revolutionary endgame, or some thoughts about Happy Ending

I’ve been thinking about the whole question of the Happily Ever Ending as I’ve been thinking out the ending of my NaNo novels, The Shape-shifter’s Tale (2010) and The Reincarnations of Miss Anne (2009, unfinished).  The 2010 NaNo was the first … Continue reading

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NaNoFeed, the Sequel: What makes it all worth while

Exhausted and speedy all at once, after two days away from the novel. As my buddy Devin Harnois puts it, “I want to take a nap and conquer the world.” But tonight I went to our region’s TGIO (Thank God/Goodness … Continue reading

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