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Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 24 February 2013 (Necromancer & Barbarian character interview)

I dream of the green bog in summer, under the blue sky and the mist that shows in the distance even on a clear day. They’re like the eyes of the earth, reflecting the sky and its drifting clouds. One … Continue reading

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Genre Trouble: Acute vs Chronic (Notes from the Muse of Research)

Recently I was talking with an engineer-in-training about the leap from classroom theory to actual practice. It’s a gulf, and you jump hoping to make it; the blow is softened somewhat (but only somewhat) by moving some of the transition … Continue reading

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Weekend Writing Warriors, 17 February 2012 (Necromancer & Barbarian character interview)

Something I miss: well, I could say that I miss my father, only because his going his disappearance spelled out for me so plainly what sort of world I lived in.  My mother missed him, and I was terrified. I … Continue reading

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Weekend Writing Warriors, 10 February 2012 (Necromancer & Barbarian character interview)

It is right that the gods be worshipped outside of any sort of enclosure. Temples and churches are idolatrous architecture: we are best with the original cathedral of the forest, with its irregular aisles and its roof crowned with the … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Sunday, 3 February 2013 (Necromancer & Barbarian character interview)

Elsa Felix… I turn the name over and over in my name. Elsa the Lucky, if I read that name aright. Well there’s luck and there’s luck. If her blood opens the door to the world as it should be… … Continue reading

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