NaNoFeed: on being a winner at 10K (2017)

So your Third Shift ML did a third-shift all-nighter the other day, which is a very sneaky beast because it looks like Normal Daylight Life, except I’m supposed to be sleeping during the day.
Anyway I did some of the discord server sprints and it was awesome and I hit 10K. Which is pretty much where I’m going to park. Meanwhile, my pre ordered winner shirt arrived in the mail, and I decided I was going to wear it.
Manifesto follows: “I scored 10K and I am wearing the winner’s shirt dangit”
  • I am wearing the shirt because on average I scored 58K every one of the last 10 years.
  • I am wearing the shirt for the years I did the challenge without knowing it existed. (i wrote 50K – by hand, in composition books – at least one November in the 2000s before I took up the official challenge in 2008.)
  • I am wearing the shirt because I made my goal – 10K this year – and I’m working full time and going to school full time, so no question I am a winner.
  • I am wearing the shirt because I like the design and there are years I won but didn’t get the shirt because I was meh about that year’s design and/or theme. (ok, low-res video games – not so much chez moi. ditto slaying dragons. I don’t relate.)
  • I am wearing the shirt because I am a recovering workaholic and I managed to do the challenge in a healthy way this year while writing the best prose of my life and feeling like a member of international writing community.
So, all o’y’all are winners. Seriously. You’re doing the thing even if it’s a small thing. A small thing is not No Thing, or worse, nothing. A small thing is a thing you did.
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