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Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 26 May 2013 (Vampire Variations)

“You are a fool, Terence. Does it occur to you why there are so few of us, even if we be immortal?” Now I have his attention, for this is his hobby-horse. “One may be immortal in fact, but we … Continue reading

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Live from CONQuesT: How do you write so fast? (Writer’s Notebook)

This afternoon I participated on a great panel called “How do you write so fast?” about habits of productive writers, alongside Devin Harnois and moderator John Hornor Jacobs. All three of us had taken the vow to write our novel … Continue reading

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Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 19 May (Vampire Variations: waiting on the endgame)

I wait, just outside the barrier. The night is shrill with crickets; they sense the end of time and sing, calling to each other. The air wraps us round with caressing warmth, so that early-evening sip suffices to keep me … Continue reading

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Genre Trouble: Works and Days

Writing is the only trade I know that has a forty-year apprenticeship. If you talk to me in ten years, I will tell you that it’s the only trade that has a fifty-year apprenticeship. We’re never quite there yet. Always, … Continue reading

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Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 12 May 2013 (Vampire Variations: an offer forestalled)

“Life’s what you make of it,” she says, which was cliche when I was young eight hundred years ago. “And life is change. The only thing immortal is cancer.” Her tone shifts, into the dreamy music of the storyteller, “Once … Continue reading

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Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 5 May 2013 (Vampires in the library II: of dime novels and infinity)

I am reading Cantor’s paper on the transfinite numbers, with the famed diagonal argument — reminiscent of my youth, because I first read that argument in Latin, either in my living youth or at a time when the memory of … Continue reading

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Coffeehouse tour, redux: writing in a pack

Today I’m back at Lavvu Coffee, after work with a posse of writing pals (I count seven of us in all) tippytapping away on projects that range from term papers to resumes to vampire stories. (OK, now we think about … Continue reading

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Writer’s Notebook: Imitations 2 – Durova excerpt

A couple of years ago, our MnNaNo writer’s group did regular challenges. This one was set, I believe, by Brian (Expatrie on the NaNo boards): Imitate a given passage from another writer. This week’s Writer’s Notebook entry takes up a … Continue reading

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