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NaNoFeed: There is no One True NaNo and I am Not the Pope of It

Two years ago, I got recruited as a Municipal Liaison for National Novel Writing Month. One of my less visible duties alongside my colleagues is to moderate threads on our regional forum. So of course my first question was “What’s … Continue reading

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NaNoFeed: 2016 project is official!

This year’s NaNoWriMo project will be The Clone’s Complaint – read all about it here! We’ve been building up to this one for some time, with character interview excerpts. And here’s the cover reveal! If you think you’d like to … Continue reading

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NaNoFeed: Some unconventional advice for #NaNoPrep

This November, I’ll be doing the National Novel Writing Month challenge for the eighth time. Each year, the challenge gives new opportunity to deepen writing practice. I’m still in grief-and-rage at the decades-too-early death of my mentor, so I have … Continue reading

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