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NaNoFeed: on being a winner at 10K (2017)

So your Third Shift ML did a third-shift all-nighter the other day, which is a very sneaky beast because it looks like Normal Daylight Life, except I’m supposed to be sleeping during the day. Anyway I did some of the … Continue reading

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NaNoFeed: There is no One True NaNo and I am Not the Pope of It

Two years ago, I got recruited as a Municipal Liaison for National Novel Writing Month. One of my less visible duties alongside my colleagues is to moderate threads on our regional forum. So of course my first question was “What’s … Continue reading

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Writer Tech(nique): the Sandwich Theory of Non-Chronological Composition

No, it is not “start at the beginning and proceed through the middle till you get to the end.” Seriously not. Especially because people hang up with “but what’s the beginning?” I now lay upon you: The Sandwich Theory. How to … Continue reading

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Goals: the 2016 Really Short New Year’s Resolution Post

Dearest writer peeps, for 2016 my resolution is 1) #dontselfreject(also, check spelling of hashtags). I have two others: 2) moderation (DONT BE A FRAKKIN WORKAHOLIC) and 3) mindfulness (HEY YOU FELL DOWN THE SAME STAIRS TWICE) Here’s a real-life example of #dontselfreject from the amazing Merc Rustad (story “This is Not a Wardrobe Door” plus story notes) Here’s the whole twitter hashtag – go to town! Be encouraged! The … Continue reading

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Goals: When Life Gets Intense

Right now, I am spending a lot of time with my mentor who is in hospice, in the final stages of her passage out of life. I’m also working with some of my protegé(e)s who are facing intense deadlines. So … Continue reading

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Goals, midweek check-in

This weekend I spent at work on my writing website (look at the lovely new menus above this post! *preens*) At time of writing, there are over 450 posts on this blog, fortunately well tagged. Nonethless, it took some time … Continue reading

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Writer Interview: Silvia Moreno-Garcia (novel ‘Signal to Noise’ is released today!)

I first encountered the short stories of Silvia Moreno Garcia in the Canadian superhero anthology Masked Mosaic and the post-colonial SF collection We See a Different Frontier. I went on to enjoy her luminous short story collection Love and Other … Continue reading

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NaNoFeed: Northern Tour, after the fact (Wilde Roast Cafe)

For the last stop of the night, the Northern Tour came to Wilde Roast Cafe, a venue that holds a well-deserved warm spot in my writerly heart. This is the place where I’ve sipped a mocha and carried on chats … Continue reading

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NaNoFeed: Live from the Northern Tour! (Lunch is a many-splendored thing)

So now we’re at Geek Partnership Society here in Northeast Minneapolis, where we have all unpacked our lunch and are nibbling and/or crunching and/or typing/scribbling away. There are cozy sofas and cold northern light out of a Vermeer still-life blessing … Continue reading

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NaNoFeed: the little things

My buddies are definitely ahead of me for word count, and oddly I am finding this very satisfying. I know that I have this to look forward when I recover from this energy-sucking, probably infected tooth. Meanwhile, I’m doing plot … Continue reading

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