Goals, midweek check-in

This weekend I spent at work on my writing website (look at the lovely new menus above this post! *preens*) At time of writing, there are over 450 posts on this blog, fortunately well tagged. Nonethless, it took some time to square my sense of how things hung together against a workable site map.

By “some time” I mean two 16-hour days, back to back. Behind-the-scenes work is really addictive, I’ll just say.

As a result, neck and shoulders went on strike, so self-care took precedence. And since I chat about this topic a lot with my more self-aware Twitter pals, I figured it would be really bad for me to rack myself up so badly that I couldn’t even tweet about what a huge hypocrite I was.

So we’ve put off the reviews until next week (there’s a pile) and interview editing is still in process.

Meanwhile, in writing and publishing news:

  • I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo with a select company. I’ll be taking up Ship’s Heart once more, as well as character interviews for the trilogy of which it is a part.
  • I’m also putting a tentative toe into the waters of promoting my fiction work. If you review or blog about books and would like to get a review copy, here’s the Fiction e-ARC request link at Glass Knife Press.
  • If you would be interested in receiving an e-ARC of my upcoming nonfiction work with Vera Rozalsky, From Fanfiction to Original Fiction, e-ARCs will be available starting June 15. Here’s the Nonfiction e-ARC request link.
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