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NaNoFeed: There is no One True NaNo and I am Not the Pope of It

Two years ago, I got recruited as a Municipal Liaison for National Novel Writing Month. One of my less visible duties alongside my colleagues is to moderate threads on our regional forum. So of course my first question was “What’s … Continue reading

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Writer Tech(nique): the Sandwich Theory of Non-Chronological Composition

No, it is not “start at the beginning and proceed through the middle till you get to the end.” Seriously not. Especially because people hang up with “but what’s the beginning?” I now lay upon you: The Sandwich Theory. How to … Continue reading

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Writer Tech (Technique): Lev Mirov on self-care, artistic practice, music, and the writerly zone

Edited version of chat interview on Friday, March 20, 2015 9:45 PM EPB: The first question, which I struggle with: what is the balance, for you, between artistic production and self-care? How has it changed over the years? LM: Well … Continue reading

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Writer Tech: The official series launch!

The Writer Tech series began as a series of on-line and off-line conversations with colleagues about things that worked for their writing practice. There are two obvious faces to this: technique (what we do and how we do it) and … Continue reading

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Writer Tech: Playing Dragon Age Helped Me Level Up As a Novelist (interview with Devin Harnois)

In this installment of Writer Tech, we interview Devin Harnois about his experience with playing games in the Dragon Age franchise. As anyone following the SF/F/R (science fiction/fantasy/romance) axis on Twitter knows, these games have taken a big bite out … Continue reading

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Writer Tech: Interview with Becca Patterson about Writing through Hard Times (141K in November)

Welcome to 2015! In honor of the New Year, I’m kicking off a series of posts about Writer Tech, both technique and technology.  Since technique (how we use the tools) is more important than technology (the tools) this first post … Continue reading

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