NaNoFeed: Back again, this time with feeling

So it’s that time of year again. This time I’m not doing a whole project from scratch, because there’s already a suite of novels awaiting expansion and revision. If there is one thing I’ve learned over the last 12 years, it’s this: The starting point isn’t the novel, but the universe.
Watch this spot for more.

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1 Response to NaNoFeed: Back again, this time with feeling

  1. Jean Lamb says:

    Got that–I have 30 books to write, not counting the fanfiction plotbunnies (70+ by now). Shall I continue Gambrell’s journey, watch as my beloved Tam falls in love with the Duke of Argnon’s second daughter, or start the Western Wheel series in Sabado, Kansas? Or maybe start building that generation ship that got turned into a space station when the owners went bankrupt? Or start writing about Placida Munda’s family, who was massacred during the proscription during the Second Triumvirate in ancient Rome?

    Decisions, decisions…

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