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Into the darkness, or thoughts at autumnal equinox

It’s been nearly classical autumn here, from blue sky and the beginnings of blazing red-gold foliage to brooding overcast and rain. At this time of the year, I start thinking about first planning for National Novel Writing Month (November). I … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Sunday, 25 September 2011 (The Lost Pissarro)

They went to the Metropolitan and then they bought deli food and sat outdoors at Rockefeller Center. Florence browsed the Japanese bookstore and exclaimed over the cover designs and took notes on elegances she might like to use on her … Continue reading

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Manuscript update: Annie Brown

I got my standard rejection memo for Annie Brown and the Superhero Blues, the 30K-word novella I banged out in August. Interestingly enough, no angst; it registered as just another piece of business correspondence. So it would appear that I’m … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Sunday, 18 September 2011 (The Lost Pissarro)

She had pulled out the stops, every last one of them: no rules, followed her instinct, taken every last bit of technique she’d ever learned and thrown it in rage at the pretty-pretty stuff that everyone wanted. Nuclear test shots … Continue reading

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The Demon of Originality, or Lessons from Fanfiction

This time we’re going to talk about every writer’s bugaboo: the Demon of Originality. That nasty little voice in your head tells you, in the sneering tones of the high-school English teacher from hell, that your idea is ‘not very … Continue reading

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Research as Muse

A good writing buddy of mine once said to me, “Research is how you do writer’s block.” At that time, I was working on performance pieces based in history and I was getting distracted by the temptation to get it … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Sunday, 11 September 2011 (The Lost Pissarro)

She painted. Outside, the sun crossed the sky. Under the unchanging light, she painted and fought the difficulties. The impressionist method meant doing it all at once: light and dark, hue and chroma all balanced at once. Not like the … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Sunday, 4 September 2011 (The Lost Pissarro)

The herd-mothers approached as well, and circled around her. She ought to have been frightened (said the city girl in her head) but wasn’t, for all that those deadly horns were flourishing around her, held aloft like lances on festival … Continue reading

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Go, little book…

… so this past weekend (about a thousand years ago) I did my internet research and wrote my query letter and my synopsis, did one last read-through of the manuscript, and sent it off. So I made my September 1 … Continue reading

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