Six Sentence Sunday, 18 September 2011 (The Lost Pissarro)

She had pulled out the stops, every last one of them: no rules, followed her instinct, taken every last bit of technique she’d ever learned and thrown it in rage at the pretty-pretty stuff that everyone wanted.

Nuclear test shots in the Nevada desert, painted in the manner of Monet.

The Mississippi in full flood, limned in oak-gall ink on flax paper, in the manner of Leonardo da Vinci, but with the works of the Army Corps of Engineers in full evidence.

A smoldering sunset under the bridges of Newark, in the manner of Turner. Yes, she did like Turner.

Organic chemistry lab from the U, painted from memory but with the dramatic lighting of Caravaggio.

A whole series of allegorical paintings about modern technology, like high-baroque church ceilings: the roof blown off to the vaults of heaven, with winged Powers carrying aloft bathtubs and U-bends and great webs of electrical wiring: The Apotheosis of Plumbing.

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11 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday, 18 September 2011 (The Lost Pissarro)

  1. Alix says:

    Beautiful description, captivating snippet. Excellent writing

  2. sassyspeaks says:

    Incredible to use art and destruction so finely twinned. The imagery is almost over powering

  3. Zee Monodee says:

    Loved how you use art to describe all this and make a statement – powerful!

  4. Gemma Parkes says:

    fantastic description, great six!

  5. Lovey description. Beautiful.

  6. I agree with sassyspeaks: the intertwining of destruction and art works very well here. I feel like this six should be read a few times before the richness of it can really be appreciated it. I loved it.

  7. Piper says:

    Such great work. You just seem to have a knack for description and telling such a powerful story in so few, but vivid words. Great work. Loved it.

  8. Monica Enderle Pierce says:

    Powerful imagery. I’d love to see her paintings.

  9. Cool, I’d like to see that art…

    I’d like a bit more variety in sentence structure, though… you repeat ‘in the manner of’ 3 times. Not only does the repetition jump out, but if someone is unfamiliar with the artists, it wouldn’t give them as good of a visual… like, how you specified the dramatic lighting of Caravaggio was excellent and distinctive 🙂

  10. J.A. Beard says:

    A really interesting take on the creation process. The creation of art as such a dramatic experience.

  11. Wonderful analogies used here!

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