The Necromancer and the Barbarian: A Love Story

2015-01-24Necromancer&Barbarian-v1-12In the opening decades of the twenty-first century, the time is out of joint and the magic is back. Forensic artist Elsa Felix has inherited her mother’s unfortunate gift of listening, but with a twist: the dead with unfinished business talk to her as she’s rebuilding their faces. Her ghost-whispering skills fail completely with her latest assignment, a 17-year-old Iron Age sacrifice who’s decided that he wants a second try at the life that was cut short 2000 years ago in a bog in Northern Germany. Meanwhile, her other cases include a killer who takes historical reenactment just a bit too far.

Read an excerpt here and on this site.

Project history

2011, October (planning) and November: 85,000 words as of November 30, completed on 7 Februrary 2012 at 95,000 words. Currently in revision.

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