NaNoFeed: Beginning again (2017 project)

It’s been nearly a year since I posted here, so I’m beginning again with my tenth National Novel Writing project, Night Shift Variations.

2017NightShift NaNoBookCover - 230 x 300

NIght Shift Variations: Tales from the Hidden Hours

On either side of the story-gate between here and there, strange things happen in the dark hours.

    • Two storytelling mages duel for control of the future.
    • A piece of the future lands in the past, rousing untold stories in a family of Black necromancers. In the shadow of a shuttered asylum, three generations face down the hungry spirits of a theme park to complete the blood exorcism of a roller coaster.
    • In a haunted railroad station, night shift security guards give directions to the multiverse and grapple with what the boss never told them.
    • An intelligent house who was once a starship explains the exodus to another generation of small children.
    • A family emigrates to a terraforming project to find themselves trapped in a nightmare of engineering hubris
    • A starship engineer commissions the greatest sculptor of her generation to create a ritual of iconoclasm.



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