Published Work

Erika and the Vampire Erika and the Vampire

Magic has leaked into our modern world, and Erika knows she must be vigilant. The Church of the New Day burns witches — and anyone too troublesome. But even they won’t touch the vampires.

Erika’s clueless friend Annabelle likes to play at danger, but this time the danger is deadly real. Her newest crush is a vampire that perches outside her bedroom window. Flirting through the glass, he calls her name, trying to coax her out into the darkness.

Erika knows that if her friend ever gives in, something worse than death waits out there.

Published by Glass Knife Press. Now available on AmazonBarnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

Max and the GhostMax and the Ghost

Sixteen-year-old Max is growing up in a dangerous world full of magic and murder, but his immediate worry is how much of his real self to reveal to his immigrant parents. Max’s brother Anton is doing the family proud by making a success of himself in America. He just got a deal on a fancy riverfront condo, but the apartment comes with some unadvertised features. When Anton offers Max a job to keep him away from his questionable friends, more than one secret will come to light.

Published by Glass Knife Press. Now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

In the Laboratory of the NightIn the Laboratory of the Night

A young vampire falls in love with a researcher studying immortal cell lines. He wants to turn her, but she’s not interested. The vampire’s mentor warns him against pursuing her, but he continues, with dire consequences. My answer to the Vampire Variations Challenge.

Published by Glass Knife Press. Now available on Amazon; other distributors to follow.

Cover design by Glass Knife Press Technical Services.Tales from the Inhabited Worlds

Welcome to the complex landscape of the Inhabited Worlds. Survivors of a failed terraforming project have developed a brilliant culture organized around music, dance, and safety. An immortal dictator rules a fortress planet. Sentient starships dance in space. Aristocratic clans vie for control of the Mother of Worlds. Rumored space pirates lurk at the margins. Three different cultures stand on the brink of catastrophic change, in these nine tales of politics, family relationships, star-crossed love, space battle, and would-be empire.

This collection of multicultural science-fiction stories introduces the world and characters of E. P. Beaumont’s forthcoming Ship’s Heart Trilogy.

Published by Glass Knife Press. Now available on Amazon; other distributors to follow.

The Lost Pissarro - coverThe Lost Pissarro (A Tale of the Great Change)

In a New York where unicorns and werewolves roam Central Park, struggling painter L. A. (Angie) Stavros thinks that she’s found a gig as an art forger. Instead, she’s become a conduit for lost paintings to come back to life, and that’s just the beginning of the complications.

Published by Glass Knife Press. Now available on Amazon.

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