Writer Tech: The official series launch!

The Writer Tech series began as a series of on-line and off-line conversations with colleagues about things that worked for their writing practice. There are two obvious faces to this: technique (what we do and how we do it) and technology (the tools we use).

In conversation with my colleague Thelonius Legend and the great folks of #BlackWritersChat, I realized that there’s  a third face: industrial espionage. Reviewing as a writer and interviewing fellow writers, there’s no doubt in my mind that I’m learning from their moves.

At time of writing, there are five Love in the Time of Starships reviews in the queue, and at least that many Muse of Research interview inquiries out. 
So, given that these nonfiction activities are well launched, I’m moving on to work on Writer Tech. This will include three different series:

  • Technique: process interviews with working writers
, with emphasis on work flow, challenges, and unexpected connections. This series begins with Writing Through Hard Times (Becca Patterson) and How Playing Dragon Age Helped Me Level Up as a Novelist (Devin Harnois).
  • Technology: Various ways to get writing done, from habits to tools. I’ll share things from my own tool kit, as well as interviews and guest blog posts from colleagues writing both fiction and nonfiction.
  • Industrial Espionage for Writers: In which I field-strip favorite novels and lay out the gears on the table. These are not book reviews, but what it says on the label — thoroughgoing analysis of another writer’s moves, including narrative strategy, pacing, point of view. Of necessity, they will be spoilerific as all get out. Consider yourself warned, and prepare to enter the workshop of a literary grease monkey.

Writer Tech posts will go up toward the end of the week, to give readers/writers some food for thought heading into the weekend.

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1 Response to Writer Tech: The official series launch!

  1. andreablythe says:

    I love this idea, especially the Industrial Espionage! I’ll be looking to see how it goes.

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