Goals: The backward glance and the road ahead! With extra awesome!

This month I had to adjust a couple of timelines, particularly the ones for beta reading. I had hoped to get a nonfiction project and a novel to beta readers for 1 March, which did not work out. That timeline has been moved to 15 March, with stern notes-to-self to get all these things on the calendar daily, dangit.

On the other hand, conversations on Twitter with colleagues near and far have led to some really awesome opportunities:

  • The Muse of Research interview series premiers on the Skiffy and Fanty Show on 17 March (the amazing poet/historian Lev Mirov). I’m not the only devotee of the Muse of Research in the SF/F world; there’s a lot of us, and our nonfiction reading has an interesting relationship with our fictional worlds. The short version of the interview (500-1000 words) will premier on Skiffy and Fanty, followed a week later on my blog by a long-form version.
  • I’ll be attending CONvergence 2015 (July 4 weekend in Minneapolis), and I’ve been really busy with signing up for panels as well as checking in with colleagues and friends who’ll be at the convention. I will be posting my convention schedule here and on Twitter, so watch this space.
  • I am also hoping to have print editions of several of my books available by CONvergence. This may involve an impromptu release party (aka “meet me in the hotel bar/restaurant and we’ll lift a glass of [beverage-of-choice] to books!”)
  • I’ve been working with the amazing Brian Zarate (@GanZarate on Twitter) on some in-person and on-line productivity activities. This Friday, Brian and I are going to unveil our respective blog posts about writer tech, language learning, and other topics possibly relevant to your interests.
  • On Twitter, Brian and I are reading Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s Signal to Noise, Polenth Blake’s Sunstruck, and other fun things. Look for our tweets!
  • Looking forward to #BlackWritersChat on 8 March, with Ramsey Isler and other indie writers talking about career longevity. I’m really interested in this conversation, since many of us writing diverse SF/F are independents. Check the #BlackWritersChat hashtag for the Youtube link.
  • Coincidentally, I’m reading Ramsey Isler’s Ghosts of ARCADIA this week for Monday 9 March  Love in the Time of Starships, alongside Lunar Braceros 2125-2148. Tentative post title: “True and Remarkable Occurrences (‘Nonfiction’ Novels).”
  • Monday 15 March (the Ides of March!) in “Love in the Time of Starships (Time’s Arrow, Time’s Tree),” I’ll be talking about history, time loops, and consequences in a review of Tananarive Due’s The Good House alongside Rasheedah Phillips’ Recurrence Plot (and Other Time Travel Tales).
  • Big World Writing Club has its next in-person write-in at Minneapolis Central Library room N-202 on Sunday 15 March, 12-5pm Central Time, following its “third Sunday of every month” schedule. Join us in person (Facebook event here) or on Twitter.

Well, as I peruse the above, I realize that I have actually gotten stuff done. In addition:

  • I’m beta reading for several colleagues, including the inimitable Devin Harnois, Thelonius Legend, and Tylluan.
  • After introducing colleague Lev Mirov to the thirty-day character questionnaire, I realized it was exactly what I needed to do to get books 1 and 3 of the Ship’s Heart trilogy re-started. So, off to do raw draft.
  • Alongside beta-reading, I’m going to be revising Annie Brown and the Superhero Blues.

Probably enough to be getting on with, for a bit at least. 🙂

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