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Goals: Getting the Groove Back (Part 3) and the Positives of Form 1040A

As mentioned on yesterday’s blog post, this is the second year I filed my taxes after everybody else, and because this was the year I poured a lot of time and money into my writing business, putting together the spreadsheet … Continue reading

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Dream casting for Ship’s Heart (Yasmin and Jehen)

I just realized that I do have a mental image for Jehen and Yasmin (currently children in the current chapter of Ship’s Heart, the beginning of a forty-year journey, to conclude in a detective/political thriller and an interstellar heist caper ). In my … Continue reading

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Tuesday write-in and new Ship’s Heart excerpt!

Here I am out in White Bear Lake at Your Mom’s Basement, a gaming cafe where Tuesday nights see tournaments for Magic, the Gathering, among other tabletop and computer games. (Absolutely awesome for random snippets of arcana from someone else’s … Continue reading

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Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 11 May 2014 (Character Interview: Inside the Jump)

It wouldn’t be for at least a year (an eternity at seventeen and eighteen) that the rota would come round to pair us, if it ever did , so I took matters into my own hands, and invited Jehen on … Continue reading

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Genre Trouble: The Genre Queer Manifesto (For Young Writers Who Have Contemplated the Genre Straitjacket, When the Story is Enough)

(For Stephanie, on the occasion of her MFA.)In November 2010, I finished my first ever NaNo novel, the first one that had a completed story arc, the first one that I could hand over to beta readers.  I sent it … Continue reading

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Goals: process goals

So for the record, my idea of professional output is 7500-10,000 words a day. Right now I’m 1/10 of the way there for today.

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Getting the Groove Back (Part 2): the fine art of multi-tasking

As I’m working on getting up to my notion of pro status, there are the product goals (stuff to finish, revise, publish) and process goals (daily output, hours devoted to writing). Today I am working on getting work done on … Continue reading

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