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Genre Trouble: Diversity in Speculative Fiction

Six Sentence Sunday has brought me some marvelous colleagues from around the world. Check out my responses to the provocative questions posted by YA author J. M. Blackman on diversity in speculative fiction. This is one in a series called … Continue reading

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Genre Trouble: Vampire Variations Challenge (more of Twilight and the New Vampire Story)

This past Friday, my buddy TruantPony and I hung out via GChat, talking about the monsters and the aliens, while doing 30-minute writing bouts on various projects. Like all writer-buddy conversations, it was tremendously fruitful. Bouncing ideas off each other, … Continue reading

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Genre Trouble: Show Me the Fangs (More on Twilight and the New Vampire Story)

I finished reading Team Human for the first time, and am wrapping back to start the second reading before I post a full review. Writing buddy and faithful buddy TruantPony pointed out that the protagonists of both Team Human and … Continue reading

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Genre Trouble: Twilight and the New Vampire Story

The good news about being a professional writer is that all sorts of oddball things become tax deductible: book purchases (market research), movie tickets (review essays), office supplies, the new computer (equipment). The bad news: I have to read books … Continue reading

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Genre Trouble: urban fantasy (the city as character)

My Brain Sister and Beta is currently reading my novella The Lost Pissarro. She had the following comments: “One of the things I thought was cool: it keeps in the spirit of urban fantasy because Minneapolis is a character. If … Continue reading

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Genre Trouble: Pulp and Proud

I owe a considerable debt to my writing buddy Devin Harnois, who handed me a couple of books and said, “You need to read these, because I thought you already had.” 

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Genre Trouble: The MFA I don’t have

I recently launched on the project of filing all of my written work in one place, since it was scattered all over my rather overstuffed apartment. My sister suggested that I pretend that I was going to get a new … Continue reading

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