Writing with friends, or the fine art of getting it done

One of the mysteries of writing, or indeed any art form, is the gravitation of audience. If somebody’s paying attention in a friendly way, sometimes even if they’re just in the same room, it works.

I’m musing on this Eternal Truth this afternoon after a write-in with six newfound Best Writing Buddies, some of whom I know from Ye Olde Day Jobbe and some of whom are friends of said Writing Buddies. We reserved a conference room at the public library, brought our writing implements–notebooks, laptops, Alphasmart Neos–and our headsets, and had at it like wild things. It’s called a write-in, and it’s a NaNoWriMo thing. And you would understand, because it’s just this simple:

Write. Just write. Don’t worry about whether it’s any good, just let one thing follow another. That’s what the headset and juicy music are for. It’s like distracting the toddler with a toy: my Internal Censor seems to resonate to the same frequency as the piece of my brain that wants to parse Finnish into something intelligible. So I listen to rockin’ Nordic Roots music with Finnish lyrics, and the inner demon forgets to tell me that I am a crap writer.

The company of others provides Positive Peer Pressure; the sound of their tippytapping keeps my fingers nimbly rockin’ on.

The true mystery is this: why do I write more, and more wildly, in company than alone?

And what language will silence the censor, if I ever learn Finnish?

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