NaNoFeed: Not Feeling It (but writing anyway)

Tuesday and I just finished another 10.5-hour day (well 9.5 hours if you subtract lunch) at Ye Olde Day Jobbe. I work what the feds call a compressed schedule, which is to say the whole week in four days. And altogether it is a very nice day job, but I will say that round about midweek (and Tuesday night is midweek) I’m not feeling it with the writing. I got up this morning and wrote for half an hour, and then managed another half an hour at lunch, so today’s output was something like 1700 words. That doesn’t feel like a lot, but it’s actually the NaNo average. It will keep me going.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking about how I can get writing done once I get home. There’s the altogether too irresistible temptation of the internets, the couch, and the books. I want to go into passive-hibernation mode until tomorrow morning.

OK, I will bargain with myself: I will try it as an experiment, and see how it feels (but even from work, I can feel that couch gravity).

The only thing that saves me, some work days, is the stolen half-hour between breakfast and departure, and the half-hour at lunch.

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