The ragged tag-end first draft blues

They warned us, of course. Finish the novel in November. Use that last crazy burst of energy to get it all down, and fix it up later.

I’m still finishing it.

There is one chapter that needs rewriting into an actual plot arc, another that’s missing completely, and some sort of epilogue or coda that’s required. Oh yes, and my villain is in hiding. Not good.

So, before all the internets, I am making the following resolution:

Just as soon as my winter holiday begins (Friday) I’m going to take a long walk in the cold and then I’m going to sit down with my wayward manuscript and write until I’m done. And then I’m going to send it out to my long-suffering betas with the warning that it’s a wild first draft, with all that implies.

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2 Responses to The ragged tag-end first draft blues

  1. I’m thinking next year, we save the EASY goals for December. 😉

    • epbeaumont says:

      I used to think that writers were being drama queens when they’d beef about the Muse hiding out from them. My Muse appears to have taken vacation time at the same time I did. Lousy timing on his/her/its part (it’s a shape-shifter, too, doncha know). 😦

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