Publication announcement! and a birthday party! and the NaNoPanel!

Sunday 1 July was the first anniversary of this blog. Coincidentally, it’s also the birthday of my patron saint, George Sand.

I would have done a nice thoughtful backward-glance post, except that I was caught up in the press of business–a good thing all around. Here’s the roundup of news:

  • I will be on the National Novel Writing Month panel this Friday at CONvergence, in Bloomington, Minnesota. It’s 9:30am, but I’m in good company: good writing buddies and beta readers Devin Harnois and Becca Patterson will be joining me and some other local NaNoWriMo enthusiasts.
  • Erika and the Vampire is being published by Glass Knife Press and is available right now on Amazon, and on other distributors (Barnes and Noble, Smashwords) shortly.
  • Max and the Ghost and Annie Brown and the Superhero Blues are scheduled for release in mid-July. One more revision and they’ll both be ready. Nothing like a deadline to keep procrastination at bay–and editing is even easier to put off than writing. (More on that in a subsequent post.) Look for excerpts in upcoming Six Sentence Sunday!
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2 Responses to Publication announcement! and a birthday party! and the NaNoPanel!

  1. Sue says:

    It’s a short story. Let me know when on SW and I can get in pdf (no ereader)

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