On fighting perfectionism by daring to be bad

We all get by with a little help from our friends.

I touched on the subject of raving perfectionism yesterday, but this new blogger nailed it: A-Plus Student Syndrome. I laughed, because I recognized my own neurotic thoughts. It has to be perfect, it has to be comprehensive, it has to be the first, last, and only word on the subject…

No, it doesn’t.

This weekend, Devin Harnois and I worked on blurbs together, since we were both on deadline for story releases for early July. Her blurb was too long, mine too short–completely uncharacteristic. So we edited each other. The result: both Dinosaurs and Whiskey and Erika and the Vampire have descriptions worthier of the story contents than the first by the respective (burnt-out) authors.

We kept up our enthusiasm by quoting Dean Wesley Smith: “Dare to be bad!” 

Because, really, perfectionism only produces stasis. Risk-taking moves us forward. Part of what inspired my push this weekend (aside from the deadline) was this post by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, on perfectionism, which every writer should read, especially the A-plus students among us.

Oh yes, and both of these bloggers, whom we call (half in jest and half in reverence)  Sensei Dean and Guru Kris, are well worth adding to your weekly reading. Their collective on-line work is an MFA and MBA all rolled into one neat package. (Kris Rusch’s  Freelancer’s Survival Guide is a classic.)

On the subject of which, check out Kris Rusch’s post yesterday on the training of writers.  From the perspective of a veteran writer, it captures the essence of the writing life: you get better by writing and writing lots.

Repeat after me:

  • Butt in chair.
  • Fingers on keyboard.
  • Brain downloading.

Ready, set, write!

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3 Responses to On fighting perfectionism by daring to be bad

  1. sue says:

    yep blurbs not easy to do and everyone you show it to will think it should be revised. Glad to see Erica doing well. I’ll till SW and get a pdf

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