Six Sentence Sunday, 15 July 2012 (Erika and the Vampire)

Erika didn’t bother saying that Annabelle always came crying to her afterward. She never said, “I told you so,” even though she had been right every time: about the sleazy older man who’d said he was a record company executive and could get her gigs if she gave him what he wanted; about the pair of brothers who ended up getting busted for drugs (and it was a near thing, Erika thought, that Annabelle hadn’t gotten arrested with them); about the innumerable piano- or guitar- or sax-playing players who’d told her lies and written songs for her. 

So they said, but Erika reflected with some cynicism that nothing was more recyclable than pop song lyrics, unless it was newspaper horoscopes. People looked for their own case in those vague words, and sure enough, found it. Whatever the hustle, Annabelle was the perfect mark. She was endlessly credulous, and stubborn in her delusion.

Six Sentence Sunday excerpts from Erika and the Vampire continue in the month of July. Look for more discussion and reviews of the New Vampire Story (the vampire genre post-Twilight).

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8 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday, 15 July 2012 (Erika and the Vampire)

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  2. J.M. Blackman says:

    We’ve all met Annabelles, which makes this all the more relatable, but your selection of details does great not only to describe her, but Erika’s realm of tolerance. Great six.

  3. Poor Annabelle! As Jalisa says, you described this particular instance so well that we got a sense of both Erika and Annabelle.

  4. What CAN you do to help an Annabelle?

  5. Sue says:

    Stubborn in her delussions… so true about too many

  6. daezarkian says:

    A very vivid character portrait. Nicely done.

  7. Maryellen Brady says:

    awww Annabelle…nice 6, looking forward to more!!

  8. I am particularly fond of the last sentence, as it captures the one-two punch of self-delusion; if she were open to other possibilities, the lies wouldn’t stick so well. The situation stings, as I have known Annabelle under other names, and been her to a certain extent–in the past–as well.

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