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On fighting perfectionism by daring to be bad

We all get by with a little help from our friends. I touched on the subject of raving perfectionism yesterday, but this new blogger nailed it: A-Plus Student Syndrome. I laughed, because I recognized my own neurotic thoughts. It has … Continue reading

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The Independence Day post I wasn’t going to write

I am not a fan of holiday posts, but this gorgeous piece by Aker (Futuristically Ancient) took me on a literary and musical journey through the flip side of the Fourth of July and made me think about why I … Continue reading

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Doing the Beta Bop: Nothing better than a friend with a big knife

There is a rich literature on procrastination and writing… well, it’s simple. We put off writing, because it means abandoning that perfect vision in our heads, in favor of butt in chair,  fingers on keyboard, brain downloading, which produces something … Continue reading

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Publication announcement! and a birthday party! and the NaNoPanel!

Sunday 1 July was the first anniversary of this blog. Coincidentally, it’s also the birthday of my patron saint, George Sand. I would have done a nice thoughtful backward-glance post, except that I was caught up in the press of … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Sunday, 1 July 2012 (Erika and the Vampire)

Erika stared–no, you couldn’t stare down one of those, but she wouldn’t look away. “If you can’t run, then make them think the fight’s not worth it.” And her mother would reproach her for finding herself in stupid danger, but … Continue reading

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