Six Sentence Sunday, 19 August 2012 (Max and the Ghost)

How Erika got from the yellow pad with its grubby pencil lines to the utmost stars and an ancient ship drifting on the infinite ocean, Max didn’t know, but it proved once again that they were brother and sister under the skin. Erika was a dreamer like him, just another sort. If the world held together, she wanted to be a civil engineer. Max knew that Erika’s mom was a cop, who wanted her daughter to do something a little less dangerous. Erika loved watching things being built, and trying to figure out how they were put together. 

It was the sort of dream that his parents wished he had, without saying so in so many words.

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7 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday, 19 August 2012 (Max and the Ghost)

  1. I sense he wants to be a little more than brother & sister under the skin, eh? Find Kristal Here

  2. Would love to know more about this situation. Thanks for playing!

  3. Elin Gregory says:

    Aww, young dreams. This is very nicely put together.

  4. stephanieingramauthor says:

    I love the part about being brother and sister under the skin. Great six!

  5. Yes, there is a lot of dreaming in science and engineering. But starships? as a CIVIL engineer? I thought they were mostly on infrastructure like roads and water systems–though I suppose a starship needs water and air handling systems.

  6. Sue says:

    Hopefully children do as they wish not as parent wish. Max envies her it seems

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