NaNoFeed: The ship is launched!

Woke up later than I’d originally planned, so now at least I’ve put off a bit the bug that’s going around. It’s mid-afternoon and I’ve scored 1941 words according to Scrivener’s word-count. I’ve posted an excerpt here and I’m already liking my protagonist, who is currently being smuggled into the palace at Alexandria disguised as a bundle of laundry. That’s the proposed alternative to the canonical carpet of legend, which seems a likelier alternative. Laundry may be urgently conveyed to officers’ quarters; carpets, not so much.

My buddy Devin Harnois just joined me here in my cafe booth, so we’re going to order some more goodies and then go to it.

Day one of my High Holy Days, NaNo Day 1, Dia de los Muertos, All Saints… and the dead are very much with us, once more.

Best quote yet, from my version of Cleopatra: “What is the difference between a spy and a storyteller but the vintage of the matter?”

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