NaNoFeed: out sick, or more blows struck against perfectionism

As if it weren’t enough of a blow to be proceeding at merely average pace, I spent yesterday out sick from the day job. I slept, because whatever this thing is, it sucks energy like a vampire. Today I got back in the saddle and knocked out about 3300 words of NaNo novel, including some mordant observations on the use of severed heads as hospitality gifts. (“Here are the keys to the city, and the head of your sworn enemy. We hope you enjoy your stay.”)

Oh yes, and there was the election, too. I voted before work, came home, and then went to bed early to fight the whatever-it-is bug, in spite of my fear that I would be waking up in dystopia. (If so, I would need my sleep, or so I reasoned at the time.)

So this won’t be one of my better NaNo years or one of my better NaNo novels, but I’ll count it as a major skirmish in the ongoing battle against perfectionism.

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4 Responses to NaNoFeed: out sick, or more blows struck against perfectionism

  1. Michael Black says:

    You will get better!

  2. sue says:

    congrats on the vote

  3. Jean Lamb says:

    I’m at nearly 45k and I still haven’t made it out of chapter 2 yet…but it’s been fun. And I have definitely overcome any tendency to perfectionism…

    • epbeaumont says:

      That’s some of my past novels, for sure. There’s such a temptation to write everything. This one, though, has a very brisk pace; I’m at 35,000 or so and I’m actually at something like the 2/3 point (I think).

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