NaNoFeed: Live from the 28-hour writing tour

This year is different. This year is really different. I’m obsessing over three or four things at once (some of which will be unveiled in December), including visual character designs for Annie Brown and the Superhero Blues. I’ll be revising that novel, and working on the script for the graphic novel. Release date for Annie Brown is currently projected for some time in early December. A Thanksgiving-weekend release date would have been nice, but not ultimately practical given the number of projects under consideration.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting at a table at the Wilde Roast Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota, waiting for the rest of the Northern Route cohort to show up. I’ve ordered a decaf, because my body’s already on night shift, and I’m probably going to be working through the night on this and other projects. Last night I went to bed at five o’clock in the morning, so I’m operating in another time zone already–jet lag without the inconvenience of travel.

Or the Twilight Zone, more likely.

I’m about to queue up the music and start the first writing bout of the day, having spent most of it considering the physical realization of some of my Imaginary People. The cover design for Annie Brown doesn’t require the whole crew, but the graphic novel will.

And that being said, I’m off to make some words, in the Original Spirit of the Tour — which is to say, coming from behind to pull off amazing wordcount feats.

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