NaNoFeed: crossing the finish line

I just finished this afternoon with the shortest NaNo novel I’ve ever written, and unlike its predecessors in the 50K range, it has a complete story arc.

And it’s been the slowest of all.

No other words left, unless a sigh of relief counts.

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4 Responses to NaNoFeed: crossing the finish line

  1. Sue says:

    yeah I know the feeling. sitting here twidling thumbs 😀

    • epbeaumont says:

      And what a wonderful feeling it is! I went and fixed typos in the last 2000 words, and however many solecisms there are in the 50,070 words I wrote, I am in love with my epilogue.

    • epbeaumont says:

      Thanks! I’m assuming you’re to be congratulated as well. Now that NaNo’s over for another year, I can get caught up on Life, not to mention the big pile of (paper and electronic) books, including yours!

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