Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 2 June 2013 (Vampire Variations)

“No more stories, you said, but there are stories that are true, and you ought to know which ones they are.” I won’t add what I overheard without his knowledge, that she knows those stories as well as anyone in these latter days, and she had the wit to test which bits of the lore were accurate, and arm herself with a second line of defense.

“Vampires are romantic,” Terence says. “You hole up in the university stacks, but I’ve gone to the public library. There are shelves of stories about us now.” The smirk again. “And some of them are quite complimentary. Any girl would want a vampire beau.”


Excerpt from my contribution to the Vampire Variations challenge. It’s back from the beta readers (shout-out to faithful colleagues Devin Harnois, TruantPony, and Becca Patterson) and under revision. Publication is slated for upcoming weeks, with cross-links to other Vampire Variations Challenge stories.

Weekend Writing Warriors offers eight-sentence excerpts from a variety of writers; see the other excerpts here.

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