Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 11 August (Character interview: Emma from Shape-shifter’s Tale)

This house is a fortress and a prize and a trap. I’ll sacrifice it willingly if it will draw the fire of our enemies and thereby reduce their strength. I think it will be a while before they figure out the secret, and in any case there is no way that they can defend themselves against it except to cease their attack. Which they won’t, of course. 

A tar baby, Teresa says with a smirk. The house is a tar baby, and of course they won’t let go of it once they have their claws into it, just like the fox in the folktale. It will be a point of honor to keep throwing utmost force at it.

Teresa’s smile is genuinely predatory; Trevor merely looks ill.


As I begin revisions on The Shape-shifter’s Tale, I will be posting character interview excerpts for the main cast of the novel. This week’s excerpt comes from the interview with Emma, a forensic pathologist who returns from excavating mass graves abroad to find witch hunts unfolding at home.

Weekend Writing Warriors offers eight-sentence excerpts from a variety of writers; see the other excerpts here.

Publication Update: The Vampire Variations challenge story, now titled In the Laboratory of the Night, will be released in mid August from Glass Knife Press. At that time I’ll post a roundup of all the Vampire Variations stories currently available.


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5 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 11 August (Character interview: Emma from Shape-shifter’s Tale)

  1. Jean Lamb says:

    It’s like being told “you’re the new Lord of Harrenhal” in Game of Thrones. “Gee, thanks, what else do you plan to do me?” Except you’ve made it better–the enemy fights for this house, because they think it’s so valuable, and use up lots of resources to win it, only to discover it’s the Amityville Horror to the wrong people. Love it!

  2. daezarkian says:

    Very nice! I love calling the place a tar baby, that’s brilliant! =D

  3. burnsmillie says:

    I love the folktale reference too! Nice.

  4. I always thought it was the rabbit who got tangled up in the tar baby and then induced the fox to throw him in the briar patch.

  5. Love it, just fascinating. Can’t wait for more, terrific snippet!

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