Goals: The Annual Autumn New Year’s Resolution Post

It’s been a much too eventful year on the Real Life front, which I haven’t written about here because it’s been enough to do to just keep my head above water in the ongoing weather. To wit:

Devin Harnois and I drove through thunderstorms to get home from CONQuest at the close of the Memorial Day holiday. Stressful enough, but within 24 hours, I had an electrical fire scare. As far as my partner and I could tell, the wiring had rotted from multiple roof-leaks.

My partner and I moved house after twenty-two years in the same apartment. We realized that we had been stacking our living space on top of work space and storage. If we were going to keep it all in its place, we’d be looking at three times the current floor space. Our book collection turns out to rival many small municipal libraries. And our previous accommodations had been going downhill for years. June through August were taken up in moving multiple libraries into storage, looking for a new apartment, and moving into it in stages once we’d secured it.

This was accompanied by upheaval both with day job and health, independent of the ongoing crisis of moving. It never rains but it pours. As a result, I missed deadlines, and had to do a whole lot of thinking about how I was going to balance everything.

The good news is that the new place is far superior to the old one. Yes, I’m paying a relative premium for not living in a slum, but I don’t worry about the place burning down while I’m away. It’s great to come home and say, “I love my apartment.”


When I look at last year’s Goals post, it fell more or less exactly on the same time of year, roughly the start of autumn.

I notice that I managed about half of those things. My interview with my friend Sparrow in Jerusalem is still awaiting editing alongside the Wild Horses Gender Roundtable. Luckily, they’re both still timely. Some questions don’t get stale.

And then there’s the blogroll. Friends both local and on-line have recommended lots of awesome blogs, and of course I’ve indulged myself in the pleasures of linky-linky. As a result, I’ve accumulated a list of resources on topics as various as multicultural steampunk, science fiction and fantasy reviewing, cultural appropriation, and great new authors.

So look for updates to the blogroll in coming weeks, as well as the updated interviews.

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2 Responses to Goals: The Annual Autumn New Year’s Resolution Post

  1. Sue says:

    Well instead of moving, we had rooms painted. The process is chaotic and disruptive, the finished product is good, then there’s the recovery. We haven’t had much done in the house for 20 years. It needed it. And I’ve hired a cleaning lady. I hope to be able to get some writing done one day soon

  2. And I went to yoga school and opened a new business but have yet to finish cleaning out old financial records…but so far my ceiling has not leaked this year (thank heavens!). Writing slowed but did not stop, and fall’s cool weather, and NANO looming in an exciting way, help to bring me back to the computer/writing table/Neo keyboard. Write-ins rule!

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