NaNoFeed: NaNoWriMo goes live for 2013; cover reveal

The National Novel Writing Month website has reset for the 2013 season. So it’s time to reveal the cover for this year’s project. Here’s the small version that appears with my novel profile on the NaNoWriMo site:

NaNoBookCovers - Inside the Jump for NaNo upload - 230 x 300

A larger version can be viewed here.

Due to illness and (over) work at the day job, I haven’t worked on character interviews in a few days, but things have been quietly growing in the dark nonetheless. I’ve been thinking about which character to interview next, and realizing that each one knows something different about the world of the novel. That’s why this project was such a mess the last time; I never quite settled on a point of view, and it sprouted all sorts of stories that ran backward and forward in time, literally all over the galaxy.

Now we’re down to a single room, and it’s locked. In spite of that, someone very disagreeable has just been murdered, and pretty much everybody on board the ship is a suspect.

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