NaNoFeed: day one dawns a little late

This year, I am setting out to do the Lost Weekend (12,500 words a day in four days) and combine it with a fitness challenge (12,500 steps a day). Ambitious.

And I’m already behind, at least on the exercise part.

But I have started writing Inside the Jump, and the first 1500 words have been posted on the NaNoWriMo site here. All five previous NaNo novels are there, together with excerpts.

This year is the Full Circle NaNo, with a project I first conceived in 1978-9, and on back-burner a whole lot of unfinished projects in other parts of life. Which brings me to the other NaNo challenge I’m taking on this year: the balanced writing life.

This month’s NaNoFeed theme is workaholism and vocation.

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