Goals: on writing with friends

It’s now day 2 of my life as a self-employed writer, and I’m already seeing how important it is to schedule time with other writers. This afternoon my buddy Becca Patterson came over to talk cover design and do some writing bouts, with a nice walk in between. We’re expecting snow late tomorrow, so we’re making time while we’ve got time.

There’s working at the desk and talking to on-line buddies, and then there’s running bouts and throwing ideas around with in-person buddies. And there’s no substitute for fresh air. There’s work and the breathing spaces in between; writing is a biological process like a heartbeat or breathing, with effort alternating with rest.

On the list for tonight: a bout of plotting for book 1 of the trilogy of which Inside the Jump is book 2, and some work on nonfiction projects, including reviews. (Coming soon on this site … a weekly review feature, whose details I’m still working out.)

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1 Response to Goals: on writing with friends

  1. Jean Lamb says:

    You’re absolutely right! At the very least you need to get up and move around, and see people, too (one reason I plan to volunteer at the library once I’m finally set free0.

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