Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 25 May 2014 (Character Interview: Inside the Jump)

A great advantage of being a sentient starship is that you never have to think about what to wear! I am arrayed in all the splendor of my great hull, my sensors, my Artificial Intelligences, my glorious power-plant, and my Captains and Crew. Light plays over me through the whole spectrum, and I walk in beauty. 

So I am always well dressed.

The little one wants company, Jehen told me. So I made a simulacrum of myself — what I remember of Yasmin-before — and danced, and played the drums, and taught the little one the steps. 

And talked to her. She misses her folk, like all of us in exile.


Character interview with Yasmin Ship’s-Heart from Inside the Jump. “I walk in beauty” is a riff on a line from Byron. These character interviews will be edited and published as part of the May-June story releases.

Weekend Writing Warriors offers eight-sentence excerpts from a variety of writers; see the other excerpts here.

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2 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 25 May 2014 (Character Interview: Inside the Jump)

  1. Had to grin reading this one.

  2. Very intriguing! Lots of advantages to being a starship I hadn’t considered before. 🙂

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