Goals: getting my edit on!

Several weeks ago, I carved rough-draft stories out of the character interviews for Inside the Jump, and shared them with several of my regular beta-readers. Over the last week, I’ve been doing large-scale structural editing. In the last 48 hours, I’ve entered the phase of line editing, fixing typos and punctuation glitches, etc. I missed doing Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge this week because Friday came and went before I even noticed.

The collection is called Tales from the Inhabited Worlds, and it’s a collection of short stories (4,000-17,000 words long) from the POV of eight different characters. Tomorrow I’ll be doing the cover reveal; the book will be going to electronic publication this week. (Yes, I’ll be sending out a message on Twitter when it’s available.) It covers some of the same events as Inside the Jump, but from very different perspectives.

In other news, I have written about 20,000 words of Ship’s Heart, book one of the trilogy. Inside the Jump is coming to the end of the beta-reading phase, and following CONvergence, I’ll be editing both books for release later in the summer.

I’m writing this post by way of break from the aforementioned editing. The problem with working at home is that you sleep at the office. A few days in a row I’ve woken up and started reading or editing before I’ve even climbed out of bed.


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