Live (more or less) from CONvergence 2014

Jet-lagged without the glamour of actual travel, I’m reminding myself that moderation is the secret of sanity at an event this big. At 12:30 US Central, I’ll be participating on a panel on Magic Realism, and will probably have interesting thoughts as a result of that conversation.

In the meantime, I’m trying to pass as a conscious human. I got up quite a bit earlier than usual for the morning commute (thanks to my buddy on con-com who loaned me her vehicle). But it’s wearing now, and I feel as if I just took a quick spin in the time machine to university days.

So today we’re going to turn in early, to be ready for the intense stuff tomorrow. Trying not to be Patient Zero for the high-octane post-con immune crash aka Con Crud.

Meanwhile, I’m drafting a Bad Parents story in the Ship’s Heart universe, in response to Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge. If I’m still awake after I get home, I might actually meet this week’s Friday noon (US Eastern) deadline.


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