Goals: And Now a Word from Our Alien Overlords

The projected releases for August are moving to September. Those who really own the planet (see: fungus) have established a beachhead in the HVAC unit in my apartment, so I’ve been working from another location. I’ve also been recovering from the flu-like symptoms that have been dogging me all summer.

In the classic manner of literarily inclined convalescents, I’ve been using this interval for getting caught up on my reading. I counted fifty anthologies on my Kindle app, which I’ve been nibbling away at all summer. I’ve been reading short stories by SF/F authors from around the world, and thinking about how to do short-story reviews in the era of Twitter. Somewhat surprisingly for someone whose prose style was compared to Henry James (by my eighth-grade English teacher, long before I knew who Henry James was), I love me some Twitters. It’s my ticker-tape, news-feed, and bazaar/village square/neighborhood cafe/back fence.

So, coming soon in September (already upon us!):

* weekly review page on this blog
* Twitter short-story reviews
* Novel releases: Lost Pissarro, Inside the Jump
* Short story releases: Sophie in the Heart of Winter, The Broken-Backed House

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