NaNoFeed: NaNo 2014 cover and banner reveals!

NaNo 2014 is The Fourth Prime, the third book of the Ship’s Heart trilogy. Right now I’m still writing book 1, and I may not be done by the end of October, but that doesn’t stop me from writing book 3 for this year’s November novel project.

Here’s the cover (which will display at 230×300 on the NaNo site):

2014-10-06 FourthPrime NaNo2014 v1-6 - 230 x 300

And here’s the NaNo banner, small version (for my forum signature)

2014-10-05 4thPrime - NaNo2014

and the large version:

2014-10-06 BIG NaNoBanners 1 x 5 - FourthPrime - NaNo2014

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