NaNoFeed: The first Monday of the rest of my life

This is the first year I’m doing National Novel Writing Month as a full-time writer. Unfortunately, it’s also the year I’m doing it as a part-time sick person. So I’m timing work bouts around the schedule for taking pain meds, because the latter disorient me, and the sleep schedule, which lately is requiring 9-10 hours a night.

Nonetheless, all the while I’ve been hanging out with my fictional characters, when I haven’t been out following the world on Twitter. (My buddy Devin Harnois warned me that it was addictive. He wasn’t kidding.)

My buds are pulling ahead of me, to their considerable astonishment. Me, I’m just doing this one day at a time.

Headed out now to get a walk in the autumnal grey.

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1 Response to NaNoFeed: The first Monday of the rest of my life

  1. I have no idea where you live, but I’m infinitely and eternally jealous of your autumn grey. I live in San Diego, and it’s damnably non-conformist when it comes to seasons. The weather here has an alarming lack of respect for a writer’s need of a cloudy sky. And would some rain hurt every once in a while? It’s rained like, twice, the entire year. My brooding inner writer is wilting.

    In any case, back to you, good on ya for doing nanowrimo. I don’t have the wherewithal to write a book in a month, my sort of books need so much planning I’d never manage it. Besides, they’re about twice as long as nanowrimo gives you time for. 50,000 words in a month is unbelievably impressive. But my last one was 100,000 words. 1,700 words a day is hard enough, I’m not in any way interested in 3,400.

    But keep on keeping on, and based on what I’ve read of yours so far, I’m excited to see what you have to show at the end of the month. Thanks for sharing!

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