Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 21 December 2014 (NaNo 2014 WIP Romance with Rayguns)

Hernan hung backward over the edge of the sleeping-niche, queues sweeping the floor, his body anchored only by Taryn’s weight straddling him.

“Ah,” he said, “not sure about this position. Blood rushes to the head.”

“Well, at least it isn’t zero-gravity,” Taryn said, obligingly hauling him up, tangling her legs with his, and flipping him to side-lying. “I don’t know how many adolescents we have to reel in from hidey-holes in the zero-g districts, before they get good and sick. In pairs, mind you, because it’s got a reputation.”

“Sex in zero-g?”

“Overrated, like most things you’ve heard about.”


From NaNo 2014, untitled romance with rayguns. In which Taryn and Hernan, my romantic leads, continue their passionate foxhole romance.

Weekend Writing Warriors offers a selection of eight-sentence excerpts from many different writers. For the full selection, see here.


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6 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 21 December 2014 (NaNo 2014 WIP Romance with Rayguns)

  1. “Overrated, like most things you’ve heard about.” Your dialogue is good, as are the descriptions. 🙂

    Have a merry Christmas, EP. 🙂

  2. daezarkian says:

    LOL Love the exchange! Great dialogue!

    Happy Holidays!

  3. Love the way these two interact. And I hate it when blood rushes to the head in certain – er- positions. 🙂

  4. Maybe it’s that I’m new to this piece and these people, but I had to read it three times and read the comments to figure out what the scene actually was, who was in it, what they were actually doing.

    The names are gender-neutral and the beings are not clearly humanoid, so the first pronoun had no clear antecedent. I had no idea who was speaking or to whom. That left me more confused than ready to appreciate the joking around that followed, because I didn’t know if these two were lovers, colleagues, or what.

    Sorry. Guess that’s the drawback of only having 8 sentences. Some people do give a bit of a “set-up” or catching up newbies before providing the 8… Would have helped me if you had.

    Best to you,


  5. Kate Warren says:

    That’s funny. Teenagers! They’ll try anything. 🙂

  6. Fun, even in a science fiction world, teens will be teens! Enjoyed the excerpt as always…

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