Muse of Research Writer Interview #1 (short version) up now! Writer Tech news! and more!

The first of the Muse of Research interviews, with Lev Mirov (@thelionmachine on Twitter), has been published on the Skiffy and Fanty Show. Go check it out! This is the short version, 1000 words or so. An extended version will appear on this blog in about a week. Lev is one of my Twitter colleagues and an accomplished poet, medievalist, and cook.

Upcoming on Writer Tech:

  • The first Writer Tech (Technology) post, “A Short Autobiography in Writing Tools,” goes up tomorrow.
  • For an upcoming Writer Tech (Technique) post, I will be interviewing a colleague about the balance between productivity and self-care for a working writer. Carpal tunnel and other repetitive stress injuries are a chronic risk for writers, and we’ll talk about one writer’s experience with finding a routine that produces words without exacerbating injury.
  • I’m looking over some possibilities for Writer Tech (Industrial Espionage), with a focus on narrative structure and confusion-free flashbacks. More news on this in upcoming posts.

Due to health issues and other deadlines, I missed this Monday’s “Love in the Time of Starships.” It will go up next Monday.

More schedule notes:

  • Tuesdays I’ll also be featuring teaser excerpts from the first draft of upcoming nonfiction release From Fan Fiction to Original Fiction, co-authored with fanfic writer Vera Rozalsky. Vera writes long-form political fanfic as well as short humor and horror stories, in a tiny corner of the Harry Potter fandom.
  • A new feature, “Fandom Conversations,” will be joining the posting schedule some time in late March or early April.
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