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Goals: The backward glance and the road ahead! With extra awesome!

This month I had to adjust a couple of timelines, particularly the ones for beta reading. I had hoped to get a nonfiction project and a novel to beta readers for 1 March, which did not work out. That timeline … Continue reading

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Love in the Time of Starships: Humor, Horror, and the Mystery of It All (Polenth Blake’s ‘Sunstruck’, Leckie’s ‘Ancillary Sword’)

This week’s review was delayed because I had far too much to say. I’ve fallen decisively in love with both of the novels I am reviewing, so the technical challenge was to steer between two extremes:  “inarticulate flail and squee … Continue reading

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Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 1 March 2015 (Tales from the Inhabited Worlds)

I am Temn yr Astok, and at this late date it does not matter who my parents were, or who sponsored their marriage. I am the Astok great-clan, pure and simple, except for a few rivalrous upstarts. There are days … Continue reading

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