Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 19 April 2015 (WIP: Ship’s Heart)

Mavra turned to Ferenc. “It’s a story, but yes, on Karis they did once cut throats on the altar of the Queen of the Snows. For treason and for disobeying clan-affiliation rules, but they haven’t done that in recent times, not for a thousand years at least.”

“Ick,” Ferenc said. “So the red sparkles were supposed to be blood.”

“That’s the old-fashioned way of presenting it. When I was at the Academy, though, they were going through a hyper-realist fad, buckets of stage blood. What a mess to mop up after, that’s all I could think at the time.”


Ferenc, age 8, is Jehen’s younger half-brother. This is the children’s first introduction to classical glam space opera, in holographic performance. Mavra’s wry observation about stage blood echoes George Sand’s sardonic letters home about the Paris theater scene of the 1830s.

Weekend Writing Warriors offers a selection of eight-sentence excerpts from many different writers. For the full selection, see here.

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4 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 19 April 2015 (WIP: Ship’s Heart)

  1. daezarkian says:

    The detail you put into your worlds is astounding.

  2. pmillhouse says:

    I liked your 8 Sentences.

  3. Ed Hoornaert says:

    I was getting the impression these two were young even before you mentioned they were children–which is good, of course. Recced for a George Sand reference, which you don’t hear very often!

  4. I love the chitchat about the stagecraft and the history (and the tidbit about George Sand was wonderful.). Excellent excerpt!

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