Live from CONvergence: some notes on writing away from home

So I’m here, having a lovely time and chatting with folks both in person and on line. My good buddy Becca Patterson and her husband and I are all sharing a room, so I’m getting a backstage glimpse at con-com Life During Con.


On the other hand, the hotel wifi is wonky (probably because the huge attendance is taxing its capacity) so I’m doing all my writing and editing on my phone. Which means, in practice, that my book review won’t be up until Monday.

It’s called “One Ordinary Day, with Werewolves” and features books by two of my New Favorite Authors. (That’s an elite group that’s growing all the time). Joyce Chng, writing as J Damask, and Jo Thomas take on two very different faces of the werewolf concept, on opposite sides of the planet but both with stunning originality and force. Stay tuned.

I’m on panels tomorrow, at 9:30am and 11:00am. Thus far, my wellness regime has kept off the dreaded Con Crud (knock wood) so I’m hoping to write up thoughts on the topics covered. I’m also chatting with friends and colleagues on Twitter and Google Hangouts.

And I’m doing it in a horizontal position, which after a day on my feet is happiness itself.


My happy color-coordinated dice. Not only do they match my reserve battery, but also my porch chairs and swim togs.



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