Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 26 July 2015 (WIP: Shipwright, Captain, Figurehead)

“Our world is called Karis: grace unearned, unlooked-for, the very picture of the Original World before our species entered on the scene.”

“Cloud-wreathed, water-wrapped, jeweled seas and skies,” the Zoia cadet replied, half speech and half song. Her hands relaxed at her side. “The gods give, open-handed. We rise to the divine in generosity, not brute force.”

Ah, that one had been well-catechised, both at home and later.

“I have kin in South Continent,” Naime said. “I am no less proud of the steppes than of Landfall-on-the-River.”


In which Naime the Shipwright explains the name of the world. From Camp NaNoWriMo project Shipwright, Captain, Figurehead, short stories in the Ship’s Heart universe.

Weekend Writing Warriors offers a selection of eight-sentence excerpts from many different writers. For the full selection, see here.

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8 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 26 July 2015 (WIP: Shipwright, Captain, Figurehead)

  1. daezarkian says:

    Terrific world building, and a great excerpt!

  2. Wonderful excerpt. Your world-building is excellent, EP. 🙂

  3. Holly Laurel says:

    I love lore in stories, and this doesn’t disappoint. It’s poetic and lovely without being kitschy. I very much enjoyed this snippet and look forward to more. 🙂

  4. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Your voice is very consistent, implying a pre-literate society, or at least one that depends on rote learning instead of book learning. Nicely done.

  5. Very poetic descriptions! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautiful, musical words leaving me wanting to hear all the rest of whatever these characters want to say. Excellent snippet!

  7. Lyrical wordplay. Creates strong, impressions. Want to read more . . .

  8. Eden says:

    I love how you intersperse the religious overtones if this society throughout the story. What a rich world you’ve created!

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