Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 31 January 2016 (Character interview: Yasmin-3)

Each Sunday, Weekend Writing Warriors offers a selection of eight-sentence excerpts from writers in multiple genres and forms. Check out the full roster here.


I walked out and I kept walking. I didn’t mean to do that, but my legs wouldn’t let me go back. I walked up the path over the Inland Sea, past the rise where Phila’s sister landed the skimmer with the tower-and-starship that’s Temn’s personal seal, past the bare spot where you can still see the char, where Phila died.

I walked past the refectory, past the two pillars that date from the journey-ship, down the road to the fast-train station. Stared out at the sea and down the track, turned slowly in a circle, as if some vortex had taken me.

It’s done. It’s done, and fucking Yasmin the grubber will be Captain. 

And I’m … nobody. Yasmin-3, not even the only one of my afterthought of a name, not Naime because Naime is dead; Naime is dead and I am dragging her flesh around, and I am tired. 


Speaker is Yasmin-3, Full Clone of the Great Shipwright (Naime). She’s the minor villain of the Ship’s Heart trilogy. Thanks to my writing comrade Lev Mirov, she’s getting her own novel. “Minor villain wreaks havoc on major villain when she discovers she’s been played and finds redemption through her love of sex and fried dumplings.”

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