Doing the work, getting compensated for the work

For the last two years, I’ve been increasing my engagement on Twitter. As a result, I’ve met amazing writers around the world; I’ve also taken an active part as a member of the science fiction and fantasy writing community. I’ve followed breaking news in the USA and elsewhere, making connections with folks in public health, organizing, and educational communities.

Sometimes that’s about signal boosting. In fact, a lot of the time, it’s about signal boosting.

Sometimes it means speaking up, saying the thing that hasn’t been said yet (which is frequently some variant on “oh hell no, this shall not pass”).

This work takes time and energy, and I’ve been told it’s valuable. I’ve told my younger colleagues that their work is valuable and they need to be compensated. So as not to be a hypocrite, now I’m following my own advice.

If you like what I said, if it helped, if you’ve got some spare change – buy me a coffee. Or two. Cause caffeine is the fuel of revolutions.

Buy me a coffee at

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